Big Picture Post!

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s camping trip and a trip to the playground on Wednesday. All taken with my new 50mm lens, except the one where Andrea is feeding an elk. 😉

Dirt on her face from playing in the gravel at the campsite…
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Reading with Daddy. <3

Going in for a big kiss. (She must was romance movies when we’re not around we decided. LOL)

This is Andrea sneaking. She thinks if she walks crouched down, she is sneaking up on you. hahahaha

I love this picture.

And this one

I really want to submit this to a babywearing site or something. I love that Paul hikes with her in the Ergo. 🙂

Andrea kept going into the tent and just reading by herself. It was very sweet.

Feeding an elk at the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA
I can’t believe how long her hair is getting!

One of the families we were camping with had a 5 year old boy, Carter (Andrea’s new love interest). She kept putting his helmet on and trying to ride his scooter. It was too cute.

My new favorite picture of her. We’re pulling her bangs back now like this while we try to grow them out.

“Bow-lence” beam 😉

It was a great day at the park 🙂

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