“Pretty smart”

Andrea is always surprising us with the things she tells us. One day last week, she pointed to some microwave dishes on top of a building (like these). To keep things (relatively) simple, I told her they were like satellite dishes, which she had asked about before once or twice. She replied, “I think they get answers from the sky.” Not a bad explanation! I was impressed. I think I told her something similar once, a while back when she saw one and insisted I explain to her what it was. But I was pretty shocked when she said it out of the blue. When I asked her how she knew that, she said in a sly tone, “‘Cause I’m pretty smart.” LOL!

Then yesterday, I bought some stamps yesterday at the grocery store with Andrea, and she immediately wanted to know if she could help me stick them on the mail. As I was trying to respond, she caught a glimpse of them and interrupted me to inform me, “They are America ones. They’re supposed to have a door bell on them.” (These stamps had American flags instead of the Liberty Bell like the stamps I usually use.) I rarely mail anything, so I wasn’t sure how Andrea even knew what our stamps look like, but somehow she did. Again, when I asked how she knew that, she told me, “I’m pretty smart, you know!” Modest too it seems. LOL!

Then last night, she was sitting at her art table furiously sticking those little foam shape stickers on paper she tore out of a spiral notebook. She was grouping them by type (all the dinosaurs on one page, people on another, and animals on another). When we asked later what she had been doing, she told us she was studying, and showed us each page and explained, “Here’s where I was studying dinosaurs, then I studied people…” Such a studious little girl – no wonder she’s smart! 😉

And last night when I asked her if she was going to go to sleep quickly for me, she replied, “Absolutely!” Hehehe. That was a new one. She says “apparently” and “actually” all the time, but I don’t think I’d heard “absolutely” yet. She’ll often say things like, “I can’t actually see the TV,” or “There’s apparently no more glue.” It cracks me up that she talks like such a grown up some times. She also makes up smart-sounding words. The other day, she said her sunglasses were “impreffative” (impressive), and today we were talking about playing Playdoh and she told me we could make some “fashionating” (fascinating) things. Ha, ha!

And just so I don’t leave you without a picture, here’s one from yesterday, where she was modeling the hat she wants to wear to school on Monday for Hat Day (next week they’re doing letter H).
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