Pumpkin Painting!

Andrea has been really excited about Halloween this year, and everything about it. We’ve done a ton of Halloween themed crafts, several of which I’ve already posted. And a couple of weekends ago, we went to a Pumpkin Patch with her Daddy and Opa. But we only bought a few miniature pumpkins at the pumpkin patch we went to first, because our church does a big pumpkin sale fundraiser every year, and we knew we wanted to buy our pumpkins from there. So last weekend, we went up to the church and picked out some pumpkins. Andrea wanted to get every small pumpkins she laid her eyes on, but we kept her to 6 or so (at ~$1 / pumpkin, I didn’t mind buying several). But what to do with all these little pumpkins? Andrea had been begging all week to paint them, so finally the other day, I put a smock on her, got out the tempera paints, and let her go to town. The results were pretty cute.

I’ve also been working on finalizing our costumes for Halloween. Andrea is going as Cinderella. She already has the dress and I got her some “glass slippers” from the Disney Store, but she wants a blue headband like Cinderella wears in the movie, and I’m working on how I’m going to put her hair in an up-do like Cinderella’s. I’m going as the Fairy Godmother, and bought a light blue choir robe to wear, and then even used the sewing machine (gasp!) to make a hood and big pink bow for my outfit. Pictures of that will come later. But suffice it to say, Andrea is ridiculously excited about it. Her preschool already went trick-or-treating at the senior center across from their school this week, and she brought home a TON of candy from there. For that, they just used eyeliner or something similar to draw a cat nose and whiskers on her face. She looked adorable when I picked her up. 🙂 Anyway, on to the pumpkin pictures…

Posing with the pumpkins
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The little stinker would barely crack a smile for me here… She was probably concerned we were only going to let her get those three pumpkins. Ha, ha!
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Getting ready to paint

Painting the first of several smiling pumpkins

Really excited that we’re finally painting all the pumpkins. And check out the awesome side braid. It was so perfect for her – kept her hair out of her face, yet she still felt like her hair was down like she likes it.

Painting pumpkins is SERIOUS BUSINESS, y’all.

Very serious.

Figuring out how to paint angry eyebrows on her pumpkin. LOL!
Figuring out how to paint angry eyebrows on her pumpkin. LOL!

Carefully painting this pumpkin solid white

Our painted pumpkin army. I did the candy corn looking one in the back left after getting the idea from Pinterest. (Of course, since I used washable tempera paint instead of spray paint, it didn’t turn out quite as well.)
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After painting my candy corn pumpkin, I carved one of our two bigger pumpkins. Andrea requested an angry pumpkin, so that’s what I was going for. To her, an angry face means the eyebrows point down, so I started from there. She loves it.

My carved pumpkin at night.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Susan

    Great pumpking painting pics! Love her very serious ones. You can see how focused she was on this project. Great scary face carved one! I can’t wait to see the costumes. You sewing???!!!!! Is the world coming to an end? 🙂

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