Halloween 2011 (Lots of pictures!)

Halloween this year consisted of Trunk-or-Treat at our church on Sunday evening, and then trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Monday evening. Andrea also went trick-or-treating with her class at the senior center next to her school last week (although they didn’t wear costumes, just orange/black with a little makeup), and she had her friend’s Halloween-themed birthday party on Saturday. So I feel Halloween has been going on for at least a week. It was so fun, but I’m exhausted and glad to be done with pumpkins, costumes, and candy. (Although we’ll be eating all this candy for a while now…)

First, a recap of trunk-or-treat. We decorated my Mazda5 like a princess castle, and it was a big hit. Andrea loved it, and so did the other kids. I hung sheets from the side to make the walls, and cut and spray-painted some cardboard for the top. Then we laid out a bunch of Andrea’s dress-up stuff on the inside, as if a princess lived there. It was like a Disney princess explosion in there. LOL!

Her best friend from church showed up dressed as Cinderella too, and the two were inseparable all night.
Her best friend at church also went as Cinderella. They were inseparable!

Dance lessons? LOL
Dance lessons?

We entered the costume contest and the trunk contest, and I won in the adult category for best costume! I’m sure my adorable little Cinderella “prop” helped secure my win. 🙂
I love the surprised look on Andrea's face. LOL

Andrea loved trick-or-treating, but she got worn out after a while and laid down in our van.
Worn out after trick-or-treating at church

Candy coma?

Then we found out what she really loved was handing out candy to the other kids. She kept yelling, “Come in our castle! We have candy!” It was hilarious.
Our van at Trunk-or-Treat. Andrea is shouting to the other kids,

Here she was in her alternate Cinderella dress (the machine washable one), ready to leave for school. I love how these pics came out.

Beautiful princess ready for school on Halloween

I am in love with her eyes.

Her Cinderella hair and headband, just like in the movie.
She insisted on having her hair

And finally, we had fun trick-or-treating in our neighborhood last night. We got all dressed up again, and went to handful of houses on our street. After reminding her a few times to say thank you for the candy, she started saying, “Trick-or-Treat and Thank you!” as soon as people opened the door for her. It was so cute.

Heading out to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood


Walking home after a successful night

One last picture with Mommy before calling it a night.

Possibly her favorite part of the night - giving out candy to the kids that came to our house

We finally went back to the house and she handed out candy to the kids who were still trick-or-treating. She sat right by the door and would jump up as soon as she saw kids in the window. It was really sweet.

And one last picture from the weekend, just because it’s adorable. Andrea in her Hanna Andersson Halloween outfit that my mom got for her. Andrea LOVED this outfit, since her favorite color is still black. 🙂
Halloween outfit from Grandma

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