Slow Week, but a Fun Friday

I haven’t posted anything this week, because we’ve been homebodies this week… partially just recovering from all the Halloween activities, but also I think Andrea has had a slight cold maybe? She doesn’t seem all that sick, but she’s been extra tired and cranky this week, and she had somewhat of a rough week at school too, and has napped several days this week. We’ve also had contractors at the house tiling our powder bath and upgrading the sink and doing a few other small repair projects around the house, so we’ve had some distractions around here as well. So, to make up for a somewhat boring week, we had some fun today at home.

We started the fun off with some painting. She’s a super serious painter as you can see.

Then she decided she was done painting, and she got down and found a tape measure I had out, and started measuring everything she could find. She measured all kinds of random objects in our house, then some Halloween candy, and then measured herself.  And, in an unusual turn of events, she actually asked me to take pictures of her showing off her measuring skills! She posed for the picture below and just kept repeating, “Take a picture of me like this, Mommy! Take a picture of me like this!” So what’s a mom to do, but start snapping away of course!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

She’s 39″ in case anyone was wondering. 😉
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

She really had fun playing with the Halloween candy. I let her dump out the whole bag and sort and measure it all to her heart’s content. Here she is amassing it all in a pile around her. She also got a Jr. Fire Fighter badge from the fireman at our church’s Trunk-or-Treat, and she insisted on sticking that on her arm. (In case you were wondering what that was by her shoulder.)

She kept tossing candy to me, then crawling to me to get it, so I suggested she spread the candy out and lay down in it. I thought that might be a fun photo op. She immediately laid down and posed and said, “Like this?” I could hardly grab the camera fast enough to take this picture. 🙂
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

When the candy got boring, she went back to paint some more and did a free-form picture with the fall color paints we still had out. The final product looked great and is already up on our fridge, but I somehow forgot to get a picture of it. Here she is just getting started, before she added all the orange and brown.

After all that fun, she went in her playroom and played dress-up for a while. She’s been playing pretend and dressing up a lot lately – those pictures will have to wait for another post though. 🙂

It wasn’t the greatest of weeks, and we had to stick around home today while the contractors were finishing up in the bathroom, but I think we made the most out of our quiet Friday!

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