Lights of Life

While my parents were in town, we drove to the Lights of Life, a lovely Christmas light display near our house that we’d been to before and enjoyed. Andrea loved the lights and kept pointing out all the different things and saying, “Oh, my!” a lot. 🙂 She pointed out every Santa, every reindeer, every snowman (all Frosty, according to her). Then after we drove through the light display, we parked walked through a carnival-type area they have setup with pony rides, a petting zoo, a little train for the kids, and a place to roast marshmallows. They also have a bunch of trailers filled with Christmas scenes, like Santa’s workshop, and before Christmas, you can sit on Santa’s lap too.

Andrea had a great time. She loved her pony ride, just like she always has in the past. But this time was extra-special because Granddad was with her. Now Grandma and Granddad have both gotten to take her on pony rides!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The only problem is that she’s been on so many pony rides at this point, I think she’s starting to get a little cocky about it. 😉 She kept sticking her tongue out at me as she went by!

She also loved the petting zoo. She ignored all the sheep and goats and went straight for the bunnies.

She wanted to pick one up, but every time she would try, the bunny would hop away. She just wasn’t quick enough.

So my dad picked the bunny up for her and put it in her arms. She was so excited!!! She remembers when we went to the Yellow River Game Ranch in Nov. 2010 and she got to hold and even feed the bunnies, and she’s been asking to go back, so I guess we need to do that this Spring when the weather warms up. You can bring your own food for the animals to the Game Ranch, so we’ll come stocked with lettuce and carrots so she can feed the bunnies to her heart’s content. 🙂

We skipped the train ride, because we had already ridden on the train at the mall earlier that day. But we caved when Andrea asked for a marshmallow to roast. How could we say no to that sweet face??? Not that she actually wanted to roast her marshmallow though. She really just likes eating marshmallows. 😉

After a few bites, we convinced her to roast it a little bit at least. Despite all the camping we’ve done, this is probably the most one of her marshmallows has ever been roasted. (She usually sits pretty far from the fire eating her cold marshmallows.)

What a great ending to a fun visit with my parents! Andrea is already asking when we can go “trabbeling” to see Grandma and Granddad next!

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