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More cuteness

Andrea likes cinnamon raisin bread, but she calls it “craisin bread” because she thinks all dried fruit bits are craisins, which she loves. Only dried fruit so far that she hasn’t liked are golden raisins. I bought a package of mixed dried fruit that has golden raisins and she picks them out and eats everything else (dried plums, cherries, blueberries, etc.).

We worked hard to teach Andrea not to say that she “needs” everything. But she started replacing need with want in every sentence. Problem is that it’s not always accurate. For example, when I put her in bed at night, she almost immediately says, “Mommy want to pat me!”  No, Mommy WANTS to go downstairs and relax for a minute, not lean over your crib rail patting your back… but Mommy NEEDS to pat you or you won’t go to sleep.  LOL!

She also has some little games she likes to play. She often says, “Can you hear me now?” really loud, then in a whisper, then really loud… Like she’s channeling the old Verizon commercial. Not sure how, since that commercial hasn’t been on in ages, but don’t tell her that. 😉


I know I haven’t updated in a while, and I need to add some older stuff, but I had a quick video to share…

Andrea has been sort of hot-and-cold about solids, but I started to notice that she is more excited about eating when she gets prunes. We’ve been doing baby food prune puree, but we’ve also been trying to let her try finger food sometimes, so today I bought some regular prunes at the store to see what Andrea would think of them. Her reaction was so funny that I had to share a bit of the video…

She took the prune from me after this and gummed on it for a little while before she decided she was done.

The other finger foods we’ve tried are avocado, sweet potatoes, and pears. She has trouble holding the avocado and sweet potatoes, because they are too slippery/mushy, but she seems to enjoy chewing on pear slices and now prunes. LOL