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Daily cuteness

Andrea has a new obsession with eye color. Multiple times a day, she goes through this same basic conversation with me (although she rarely stops talking long enough for me to say anything)… “What color are you eyes? (pause) They are blue! What color are MY eyes? (gently pokes herself in the eye) They are blue too! You eyes are blue too! We have blue eyes! Me too! I show Daddy my blue eyes!”

She is also drinking out of open cups now and so asks several times a day for “cup without a lid” or a “cup with a straw”. Sippy cups are old news — now they are only acceptable to her when she’s going to sleep or when we’re away from home.

And we are working on potty training. Still not having much luck, but we are finally making some progress. She used to cry and say, “I don’t like my potty!” whether we tried her potty seat or the little ring on the toilet. But I bought an Elmo potty training book set the other day and even though I don’t think it’s very good as a potty training book, she seems to love it. She asks to read “Elmo potty book” all the time, and she’s been sitting on her potty for 15 or 20 minutes at a time without crying. She’s still never actually done anything on the potty, but it’s a start.