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WOW. Andrea just read her first word.

Last night, we read the book Pete the Cat. It’s a cute book, and it has some simple words in big print, both upper and lower case. So I tried pointing to the letters, and getting Andrea to say them in order and then we’d say what word it was, like red, blue, brown, shoes, etc. Then she wanted to say all the letters on the cover, so we pointed to the words in Pete the Cat and some others. When we spelled, “C-a-t”, I told her that the word was cat. Then I said, “And b-a-t spells bat! And f-a-t spells fat! And r-a-t spells rat!” because she’s really into rhyming words lately.

Then this morning, during breakfast, she wanted to say all the big letters on the butter container, then the milk container. She pointed to “M-I-L-K” and said “Milk!” but of course, that was kind of obvious. Then she spelled “O-R-G-A-N-I-C” and I told her it said, “Organic.” Then she pointed to “L-o-w” and I told her that said, “Low.” Then she pointed to “F-a-t” and I asked her if she knew what that said and she proudly announced, “Fat!” My jaw must have dropped to the floor at that point.

Then I asked, “What does C-A-T spell?” and she said, “Cat!” And I asked, “What does B-A-T spell?” and she said, “Bat!” I’m stunned. I mean, I get that we just talked about this last night, but only once as a passing thing. We didn’t like sit and practice all the -at words or anything.

Aaaaaggghhhh!!! I can’t believe it! This is so cool.