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Looking Back at 2011

I thought it would be fun to do a top 10 for the year, or maybe 11 for 2011. But it was too hard to condense the year and narrow down my pictures that much. So here are 18 pictures to recap 2011. It doesn’t have quite the same ring as a “top 10” or “11 for ’11” would, but oh well. As you can tell, we had a lot of fun in 2011. And this doesn’t even include all our park playdates, or our trips to the Children’s Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, and Zoo Atlanta, or all her playtime at home, playing dress-up and doing arts and crafts, or a bunch of other random fun we’ve had throughout the year. But it covers most of the big highlights from the year I think. I’m looking forward to 2012 being another great year, and hoping to keep up even better with this blog in 2012.

We started the year with a snow storm in Georgia that had us homebound for almost a week! But we did have fun playing out in the yard! Andrea still talks about it.
One of my all-time favorites of Andrea!!!

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Future Soccer Star!

Andrea started a 7-week soccer program for 3 year olds through the YMCA in September. She loves running around at home and kicking the soccer ball, but the second we got to soccer, she would turn into a clingy, whiny little mess. She would do okay at the practice drills at the beginning, but then mostly refused to play the game. She did a little better a week ago – Paul said she tried to get the ball a few times, but then complained that other kids were in the way. So we practiced playing “keep away” with the soccer ball during the week, to help her understand that part of the game is that more than one person is trying to get the same ball. That seemed to help and this past weekend, it finally clicked. She spent the entire game running around either kicking the ball or chasing after whoever was kicking the ball. It was great! She was beaming and kept announcing how many goals she made. And for once, I wasn’t hoarse after the game from pleading with her to run and kick the ball. 🙂

I posted this video on Facebook of one of her goals.

And here are some pictures from practice and the game…



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