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Two Years Old!

Andrea is now two years old. It’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since she was born.

She is talking up a storm, and often using full sentences. She is also memorizing entire pages from some of her favorite books. Last night we were at dinner and a baby was crying and she looked at us and said, “That little baby is crying,” very matter-of-factly. Then last night when we were going to bed, she picked up one of the new Diego books that she just got last week for her birthday, flipped through the pages, and then said “This is a very muddy place,” which was the first sentence from that page verbatim. I was stunned.

She got an easel for her birthday and has been loving drawing on the chalkboard. She mostly just draws vertical lines though. She may have gotten her creativity from me. LOL She is also getting really interested in coloring and likes to try to color in pictures in her coloring books. I bought her some washable finger paints, but haven’t been brave enough to pull them out yet for her try.

She also got a lot of play food for her birthday and a toy cash register, so she’s been playing with that and her kitchen set more. She’s really getting the hang of make-believe play. She pretends to shop, scans her items, puts them in a basket, and she goes to the sink in her play kitchen and fills things with “water”. She got a tea set and loves to sit and play with the kettle, the cups, and the little desserts that come with it.

Stuffed animals are also still a favorite. She cuddles them, talks to them, puts bracelets and necklaces on them, and is so sweet with them. She was very worried about her Curious George because he had a little hole in his head, and she was so happy that her Oma was able to fix him. This morning she was carrying around her lovey dog, and saying, “What’s wrong, doggie? What’s the matter?” It was so adorable.

She sometimes tries my patience, but at the same time she provides almost constant entertainment. I am forever amused by the things she says and does. I need to post more often to share some of these funny stories.

Too Smart!

Andrea keeps amazing us with all the things she is learning and saying. It’s nuts. For example…

  • One of her favorite shows is an episode of Go, Diego, Go! about a hippo and his friend, an oxpecker, and she loves to talk all about it. She will tell you that the hippo-pot-a-mus’s friend is an oxpecker. And if you ask what kind of friend, she tells you “symbionic” (I’m serious!) and if you ask why, she says “eat the bugs” (oxpeckers eat the bugs off hippo’s backs). She also learned the Spanish word for taller from this episode — “mas alto” — which she loves saying.
  • She also likes to say other things in Spanish, including “Hola, I’m Annie!” (her nickname for herself) and “Gracias” (which she uses in context). When I asked her what Gracias meant, she said “Spanish”.
  • She loves counting and often asks “How many?” followed by “Count ’em!” and then “one – two – three…” She can count all the way to 8 regularly, but usually loses track when counting actual items after 3 or 4.
  • She is obsessed with letters and recognizes them everywhere, even upside down, backwards, and even shapes that look like letters. She took two bites side-by-side out of a cheese quesadilla last week and held it up and said “W”!
  • She also has a sense of humor. When she is working on her puzzles or identifying letters, she likes to tease us by pretending to get it wrong. Like she’ll pick up a puzzle piece, point to where it goes (correctly), then try to put it somewhere else and say “Noooo…” and then giggle, before putting it in the right place. Or when she sees letters that are similar, she will say what it’s not, like if she sees an R, she’ll drag out “Nooooooot a P…” before telling us it’s an R.
  • She’s also figuring out that letters spell words, and starting to recognize words. When she sees words that start with A, she says “Andrea!” This weekend she went for a walk in the neighborhood with Paul and when they got to the end of our street, she pointed at the stop sign, said “T” and then said “Stop!”
  • She’s also great with names. She knows her first and last name, the names of her friends and her teachers at school, most of our relatives, and our friends. She even knows who goes with who, in the case of spouses, kids, and even pets. It’s pretty crazy.

21 Months

Andrea recently turned 21 months and her brain seems to just be exploding. She is saying so many new things every day, and learning so much!

She has recently discovered Mickey Mouse and now loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (She also is still crazy about Clifford, Curious George, Dora, and Diego).

She is learning her letters, and can identify at least half of the alphabet. She seems especially fond of the letters A, E, O, U, and X. She can even tell you that X is for “xylophone”!

She also started learning her numbers and woke up from her nap yesterday suddenly able to count from 1 to 8!

She knows a ton of words, and is starting to put them together. Some of my favorite things she says are…

  • “excited!”
  • “here go!”
  • “got it!” (when playing ball)
  • “me!” (means “take me”)
  • “I know…” (when I have to wipe her nose or do something that she doesn’t like, I say “I know, I know” in a sympathetic way, so now she says it whenever she’s upset)
  • “OOP!” (aka, “oops!”)

She’s also talks a lot about things that are “hiding”. She’ll say we need to “find it” and says “Arrrreeee yoooouuuu?” while looking for it. And she often says “peek-a-boo!” when it’s found.

Big week for milestones

I thought I should post an update because this has been a big week for Andrea. She is a completely different baby than she was last week practically! In one week, she hit all of these milestones…

Tuesday – Starting rolling around the floor to get places. (She could roll over both ways since she was 4 months old, but she refused to roll on to her stomach more than a few times because she hated being on her tummy.) But all of a sudden, she realized she could roll from one end of the room to the other! We also moved her to her convertible carseat on Tuesday, and she seems a lot more comfortable now instead of squished in her infant seat.

Tuesday night – She slept through the night!!! (Edit: This would prove to be short-lived, but it was nice while it lasted.)

Thursday – Threw her first tantrum. She was sitting and playing with my cell phone, and when I took it away, she started screaming and flung herself on the ground. Her face was bright red and she was bawling her eyes out. My little drama queen!

Friday – Starting waving reguarly, often with both hands and for no reason whatsoever. She waved a few times before, but only with lots of encouragement and never enthusiastically. Now she waves a lot and grins from ear to ear like it’s the greatest thing on earth. She also waves repeatedly while nursing, so I think she may not know the difference between waving and the sign for milk (which I’ve been trying to teach her, but I’m not very consistent).

Sunday – Apparently Andrea wanted to make a big deal of SuperBowl Sunday, so she hit two big milestones in one day – she crawled for the first time AND she got herself into a sitting position from laying down! Here’s some cell phone video of her crawling on Sunday.

Other things she’s been doing lately… flipping pages in her lift the flap books, pulling up on things enough to grab things off tables and the ottoman and such, babbling a lot and making “mmm” sounds – not quite “mama” though, putting things in and taking things out of containers… I can’t believe how much she’s grown up!