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I usually do a lot of pictures in my posts, but I wanted to do something different and write down some of the funny things that Andrea says all the time, so here goes:

  • “Oh my goodness!”
    She says this about all kinds of things, from the shocking to the mundane. Today it was, “Oh my goodness! I’m so sweaty!”
  • “Apparently”
    Another commonly used (and misused) word. She says things like, “My dress is dirty, apparently.”
  • “I’m afraid (that)…”
    This one cracks me up because it sounds so grown up, like she’ll say in a disappointed voice, “I’m afraid I’ll need my coat today.”
  • “You know”
    Another hilarious one to hear from a 3 year old. She sounds like such a know-it-all when she says it. She’ll tell me thing like, “Some dinosaurs eat fish, you know.” She also says it when she’s sure I know something but I have no idea what she’s talking about, like, “My pink shirt with the butterfly. You know.” And if I dare say I don’t know what she’s referring to, she’ll say, “Yes, you do. You know, Mommy. The PINK shirt. With the butterfly. YOU KNOW.”
  • “WHAT?!?”
    This is another that completely cracks me up. She has this incredulous way of saying, “WHAT?!?” whenever something is unusual or surprising. Like we saw one of those inflatable Christmas decorations the other day, and it was a Santa in a helicopter. I pointed it out and then heard from the back seat, “WHAT?!? Santa in a helicopter?!?” followed by hysterical laughter.

Another funny thing she says is at bedtime. I usually read her a book, then lay down and cuddle with her in her bed for a few minutes to make sure she gets settled. But she’s very independent, so after a minute or two, she’ll say, “When I say 10, you can leave.” Then she’ll count on her fingers, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Okay! You can leave now!” And she really wants me to get up and leave the room right that instant, or she just keeps repeating it over and over. “You can leave. I said you can leave. You can leave now, Mommy.”

She also has a lisp like thing going on when she says words that start with “fl-” like flower, floor, flip-flops. They come out sounding like sthlower, sthloor, and sthlip-sthlops. I love how cute it is, but I hope she grows out of it in the next year, so that we can avoid speech therapy. I think lisps are still pretty normal at this age though, so for now, I just enjoy it.

And she makes up words like crazy. I just asked her to say something silly and she immediately replied, “Pomma domma,” whatever that means. And if you ask her the name of her stuffed animals, she makes up crazy names on the spot every time. She’s holding a penguin now and I asked her his name and she said, “Pinga.” If there’s more than one animal, she’ll usually come up with a lot of made-up rhyming names, like “Schlomo, Domo, and Lomo.”

Another random funny I wanted to write down before I forget… She is super observant about everything, so one day, we were both wearing short-sleeved shirts and she said that our shirts were the same. I replied, “Yes, they both have short sleeves.” But she said, “No, not just short sleeves. They’re both FLAT sleeves.” I was completely confused by this, so I asked what she meant, and she said, “Some shirts have scrunched up sleeves, but this shirt has flat sleeves, like you.” After a little more discussion about what scrunched up sleeves meant, I realized she was referring to shirred cap sleeves like a lot of her shirts have, where they are gathered a bit at the shoulder (like this), versus sleeves on like a regular T-shirt or polo shirt that aren’t gathered (aka “scrunched up”). She reminded me about last night, when she brought it up again, because we all had on short-sleeves, but her sleeves were “scrunched up” and ours weren’t.

Speaking of wearing short-sleeves yesterday, it was AMAZING weather. A record-breaking 70 degrees on December 14th! And it’s even warmer today. We went to the playground after I picked her up from preschool and had such fun. She’s even starting to do the monkey bars without help (she made it a few rungs before she got nervous and wanted me to grab her), and was really brave about climbing up in the tower thing that she’s always been afraid of before. Here’s a picture of her on the slide. This was before we changed into short-sleeves, in the creative outfit she put together for school, because she had been begging to wear the pink skirt for a while.

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Look who thinks she’s a model now…

So after our little photo shoot on Monday, it seems like Andrea really embraced being a model. Tuesday we met our friends at the playground, then they came back to our house. It was a beautiful day. I brought my camera, but was having such a nice time talking with my friend and watching the girls play that I didn’t even get it out. As they were leaving, Andrea put on some shorts and we went outside to see them off. The weather was beautiful, and Andrea got out her bubble shooter and was playing and having fun. Then she went and just laid down on the hill that makes up our front yard. As she laid there on her back with her hands behind her head and her knees bent, I thought, “What a great picture!” so I ran in to get my camera from inside the front door. As I knelt down to take her picture, she decided she should start modeling for me instead of just laying peacefully like she had been. So I took this picture of her hilariously fake modeling pose. πŸ™‚

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I started laughing at her and she realized she was being funny, so then she started laughing her head off, and it was so cute I quickly snapped another picture. It’s a little out of focus, but I love the look on her face. She has the greatest laugh.

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“Pretty smart”

Andrea is always surprising us with the things she tells us. One day last week, she pointed to some microwave dishes on top of a building (like these). To keep things (relatively) simple, I told her they were like satellite dishes, which she had asked about before once or twice. She replied, “I think they get answers from the sky.” Not a bad explanation! I was impressed. I think I told her something similar once, a while back when she saw one and insisted I explain to her what it was. But I was pretty shocked when she said it out of the blue. When I asked her how she knew that, she said in a sly tone, “‘Cause I’m pretty smart.” LOL!

Then yesterday, I bought some stamps yesterday at the grocery store with Andrea, and she immediately wanted to know if she could help me stick them on the mail. As I was trying to respond, she caught a glimpse of them and interrupted me to inform me, “They are America ones. They’re supposed to have a door bell on them.” (These stamps had American flags instead of the Liberty Bell like the stamps I usually use.) I rarely mail anything, so I wasn’t sure how Andrea even knew what our stamps look like, but somehow she did. Again, when I asked how she knew that, she told me, “I’m pretty smart, you know!” Modest too it seems. LOL!

Then last night, she was sitting at her art table furiously sticking those little foam shape stickers on paper she tore out of a spiral notebook. She was grouping them by type (all the dinosaurs on one page, people on another, and animals on another). When we asked later what she had been doing, she told us she was studying, and showed us each page and explained, “Here’s where I was studying dinosaurs, then I studied people…” Such a studious little girl – no wonder she’s smart! πŸ˜‰

And last night when I asked her if she was going to go to sleep quickly for me, she replied, “Absolutely!” Hehehe. That was a new one. She says “apparently” and “actually” all the time, but I don’t think I’d heard “absolutely” yet. She’ll often say things like, “I can’t actually see the TV,” or “There’s apparently no more glue.” It cracks me up that she talks like such a grown up some times. She also makes up smart-sounding words. The other day, she said her sunglasses were “impreffative” (impressive), and today we were talking about playing Playdoh and she told me we could make some “fashionating” (fascinating) things. Ha, ha!

And just so I don’t leave you without a picture, here’s one from yesterday, where she was modeling the hat she wants to wear to school on Monday for Hat Day (next week they’re doing letter H).
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More Andrea Funnies

Just a few things I’ve been meaning to post…

– Andrea’s getting heavy (just shy of 30 pounds now), and so a lot of times when I’m carrying her I end up commenting on how heavy she is. She has taken this to mean that I am unable to carry her because I am too heavy. So sometimes when I go to pick her up, she starts fussing or crying and saying, “No! You’re too heavy, Mom!” often followed by “Daddy’s not too heavy.” Just what every mother wants to hear.

– She got silly bandz in a goody bag from her friend Jillian’s birthday party over the summer. She loves them. We only let her play with one or two at the time and I put the rest away, but she treated the thing like it was her baby, taking it everywhere, talking about it constantly… She kept saying, “Somebody took all of them,” knowing that she actually got more in her goody bag. So I helped her “look for them” one day and we found them (on my chest of drawers, where I put them the day of the party). She was ecstatic. She knows all the ones she has, and can tell you from across the room what shape one is by it’s color. And she knows which ones she has multiple colors of and everything. It’s creepy. She doesn’t get to wear them out of he house though, because she wore one to the store once and lost it, and she sobbed endlessly the whole way home. I would have thought she was too young to really get them, but she loves them. The other day, she told me that silly bandz are “awesome.” (Her new favorite word.)

– She told her first joke! While were we at our family’s lake house in Missouri visiting with relatives, someone asked her about her trip to visit my parents in Park City. They asked her if she liked all the dogs, and what their names were. She said, “Duke… Molly… Bob!” (My mom has 5 dogs, none of which are named Bob.) But we tease her and say things are named Bob all the time as a joke, and she picked up on it and told a joke back! (To give you an idea, if we ask, “Does he have a name?” about a stuffed animal or something and she doesn’t answer, we say, “Is it Bob?” and she laughs. Or if she says, “What’s his name?” about something/someone, we jokingly answer, “Bob!” and she’ll say, “No it’s not!”)

– Whenever we’re on the phone, we try to remind her to be quiet (although usually once we’re on the phone she instantly needs to go potty, get a drink, have a snack, and hold something she can’t reach and screams about all it all). But the other day, she was talking on a play phone of hers, and looked up at Paul and me, and said, “Quiet!” We just about died laughing.


Andrea and I stopped by the park on our way home from preschool. It’s lovely outside and I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and wear her out for nap.

After playing a while she seemed to be getting tired, so I suggested we go home. She started walking with me to the car, then stopped and sat down on a bench, and said, “Let’s stop and talk,” very matter-of-factly. I sat down and said, “What do you want to talk about?” Her response:
“Let’s talk about bunnies! And King Triton.”

I’m still laughing….

Andrea loves books and we read a lot. The other night as we were choosing our next book, Andrea said, β€œThat book, I exclaimed!” hahaha

More cuteness

Andrea likes cinnamon raisin bread, but she calls it “craisin bread” because she thinks all dried fruit bits are craisins, which she loves. Only dried fruit so far that she hasn’t liked are golden raisins. I bought a package of mixed dried fruit that has golden raisins and she picks them out and eats everything else (dried plums, cherries, blueberries, etc.).

We worked hard to teach Andrea not to say that she “needs” everything. But she started replacing need with want in every sentence. Problem is that it’s not always accurate. For example, when I put her in bed at night, she almost immediately says, “Mommy want to pat me!”Β  No, Mommy WANTS to go downstairs and relax for a minute, not lean over your crib rail patting your back… but Mommy NEEDS to pat you or you won’t go to sleep.Β  LOL!

She also has some little games she likes to play. She often says, “Can you hear me now?” really loud, then in a whisper, then really loud… Like she’s channeling the old Verizon commercial. Not sure how, since that commercial hasn’t been on in ages, but don’t tell her that. πŸ˜‰