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Andrea’s First Ski Trip

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I have a lot of updates, but I figured I’d jump right back in first with a recap of Andrea’s first ski trip!

We just returned home from a fun ski vacation in Park City, Utah, where my parents live. We thought this would be a good year to get Andrea on skis for the first time. We signed her up for a private ski lesson at Deer Valley the first day. We went first thing and got her rental gear, then I took her down the child care area, where the kids play while they’re not in their lesson. Her equipment was just about the smallest they make – it was so adorable! (For my records, her boots were 16.5 and skis were 70’s.)

We had been talking about skiing a lot in the week leading up to our trip, and watching YouTube videos of kids skiing, and she was really excited, but I was still a little nervous that she would get scared at the moment it was finally time for the lesson. But she did FABULOUS!!! She was eager to get her skis on and head up the “magic carpet” (a conveyor belt type of lift for small training hills). The first time down the little training hill, the instructor just pointed Andrea’s skis down the hill and Andrea skied right to her! I was so impressed.

Having so much fun!!!

We got some video of her first run down the hill, and a couple of other runs from her lesson.

Even though she was having a blast, she was done after 45 minutes of skiing. I think she was just getting hungry and tired, since it was noon and we flew in late the night before. She had already learned how to ride the magic carpet, do a good “pizza”, and even stop on her own, so we considered it a success for her first day. Once we knew she was really going to ski, we went ahead and bought her her own helmet. She’ll be able to wear that for years, so it’s cheaper than renting, plus she LOVES her pink helmet. 🙂

The next day, we took her up to the trainer hill at Park City Mountain Resort with Granddad and Aunt Alicia. It was warm, so she didn’t even need her coat. She got better at starting and stopping on her own, and every time she would stop, she’s bend over and draw a line in the snow between her skis to make her pizza shape into an “A”. She also loved falling down on her bottom after she stopped. Silly girl! Before she was done for the day, I told her to try just slowing down and speeding back up by making bigger and smaller “pizzas” instead of stopping all the way. She started doing that and then it was like it just clicked and she was really at ease on her skis.

She loves falling down. Hahaha

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

For her third day of skiing, I took her back up to Park City Mountain Resort, and she rode the “magic carpet” all by herself. She saw another little girl go up without a parent, so she didn’t want me to go up with her either. Little miss independent!  After a little while, we were joined by her Daddy, Uncle Thor, Aunt Alicia, and my cousin. After Andrea showed Daddy how to do the magic carpet, we thought we’d try Andrea’s first chair lift, aptly named, “First Time”. Uncle Thor and Daddy went with Andrea, with Aunt Alicia and my cousin right behind them. They lifted her up onto the chair and went up the lift, with her smiling all the way. She skied down the ramp at the top of the lift, and then without hesitation went right down her first real ski run. I wasn’t skiing, so I waited toward the bottom with the camera. When I saw her, she was cruising down the hill without hesitation. My cousin was skiing in between her and the edge of the run, blocking so she wouldn’t accidentally go over the edge, and Uncle Thor and Daddy were skiing backwards in front of her and she looked just as happy as could be.

Day 3 - Andrea decided she wanted to ride the magic carpet by herself. She thought it was funny to ride the whole way bent over like this. LOL

Skiing with Daddy :-)

Excited about her first lift ride!

So proud of herself!

She was tired after three days of skiing, even though it was only an hour or so each day, so we took the last day off to just play at Grandma’s house. But Andrea is already excited about skiing again next year!

New Year’s Eve!

We don’t usually do anything special for New Year’s Eve, but this year, some friends with kids invited us over for an afternoon/evening get together at their place. We had AMAZING weather for Dec. 31st here in Atlanta, so when we saw they had a nice flat yard and culdesac, Paul went back home to get Andrea’s Jeep and the kids spent some time playing outside even.

Santa brought our friends’ son a drum set for Christmas, so their boys were going to town on the drums when we got there. Andrea was really cautious about them at first, and wouldn’t go near them. But after a while, when everyone else was out of the room, we heard someone playing the drums and realized it must be Andrea! Paul snuck in and got these pictures of our little drummer girl!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I snuck in later and got some video of Andrea playing the drums. She’s not bad! 🙂

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Future Soccer Star!

Andrea started a 7-week soccer program for 3 year olds through the YMCA in September. She loves running around at home and kicking the soccer ball, but the second we got to soccer, she would turn into a clingy, whiny little mess. She would do okay at the practice drills at the beginning, but then mostly refused to play the game. She did a little better a week ago – Paul said she tried to get the ball a few times, but then complained that other kids were in the way. So we practiced playing “keep away” with the soccer ball during the week, to help her understand that part of the game is that more than one person is trying to get the same ball. That seemed to help and this past weekend, it finally clicked. She spent the entire game running around either kicking the ball or chasing after whoever was kicking the ball. It was great! She was beaming and kept announcing how many goals she made. And for once, I wasn’t hoarse after the game from pleading with her to run and kick the ball. 🙂

I posted this video on Facebook of one of her goals.

And here are some pictures from practice and the game…



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A couple of videos

I’ll keep this post fairly short, since I just want to share a couple of videos from yesterday.

I’ve been meaning to post some video of Andrea’s ballet class, since it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever, and I finally managed to take some video yesterday. I can only peek into the class through a little window, so it’s not the best video, and you can’t really hear anything, but it’s still pretty darn cute. When you watch, don’t worry, they were supposed to sort of dance/run away from their spot a couple of times and then run/gallop back. It’s a little confusing if you don’t hear the instructions they were getting. Also, you’ll notice the girls on either side of Andrea keep goofing off… the teacher said she intentionally put Andrea in the middle of the them because she’s one of the quiet ones. I was a little stunned to hear that. She’s certainly not quite or calm at home!

I also managed to get a little video of Andrea singing on the way to school. She often sings about whatever we’re doing or random things that she sees, which in the car is usually about traffic lights or other vehicles. Yesterday morning I was treated to about 10 solid minutes of a song she made up that I guess is called, “Green, Green, You can go.” I love at the end where she gets a little tongue-tied and says something about when the “right is led” instead of “light is red”. Enjoy! (Oh, and ignore the junk in the back of my van – it was stuff to drop off at Goodwill.)

Big week for milestones

I thought I should post an update because this has been a big week for Andrea. She is a completely different baby than she was last week practically! In one week, she hit all of these milestones…

Tuesday – Starting rolling around the floor to get places. (She could roll over both ways since she was 4 months old, but she refused to roll on to her stomach more than a few times because she hated being on her tummy.) But all of a sudden, she realized she could roll from one end of the room to the other! We also moved her to her convertible carseat on Tuesday, and she seems a lot more comfortable now instead of squished in her infant seat.

Tuesday night – She slept through the night!!! (Edit: This would prove to be short-lived, but it was nice while it lasted.)

Thursday – Threw her first tantrum. She was sitting and playing with my cell phone, and when I took it away, she started screaming and flung herself on the ground. Her face was bright red and she was bawling her eyes out. My little drama queen!

Friday – Starting waving reguarly, often with both hands and for no reason whatsoever. She waved a few times before, but only with lots of encouragement and never enthusiastically. Now she waves a lot and grins from ear to ear like it’s the greatest thing on earth. She also waves repeatedly while nursing, so I think she may not know the difference between waving and the sign for milk (which I’ve been trying to teach her, but I’m not very consistent).

Sunday – Apparently Andrea wanted to make a big deal of SuperBowl Sunday, so she hit two big milestones in one day – she crawled for the first time AND she got herself into a sitting position from laying down! Here’s some cell phone video of her crawling on Sunday.

Other things she’s been doing lately… flipping pages in her lift the flap books, pulling up on things enough to grab things off tables and the ottoman and such, babbling a lot and making “mmm” sounds – not quite “mama” though, putting things in and taking things out of containers… I can’t believe how much she’s grown up!


I know I haven’t updated in a while, and I need to add some older stuff, but I had a quick video to share…

Andrea has been sort of hot-and-cold about solids, but I started to notice that she is more excited about eating when she gets prunes. We’ve been doing baby food prune puree, but we’ve also been trying to let her try finger food sometimes, so today I bought some regular prunes at the store to see what Andrea would think of them. Her reaction was so funny that I had to share a bit of the video…

She took the prune from me after this and gummed on it for a little while before she decided she was done.

The other finger foods we’ve tried are avocado, sweet potatoes, and pears. She has trouble holding the avocado and sweet potatoes, because they are too slippery/mushy, but she seems to enjoy chewing on pear slices and now prunes. LOL