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We saw Santa!

Sunday night our church had a Children’s Christmas Party. Andrea was enjoying the crafts when she was surprised by Santa and Mrs. Claus arriving to the party! She was too scared to approach Santa last year, and anytime I’ve tried this year. But Mrs. Claus was a lot more approachable I guess, because Andrea was pretty brave. Santa and Mrs. Claus were up on the stage, so I walked Andrea up onto the stage and left her waiting in line and walked down in front so that I could take her picture with Santa. As soon as it was her turn, she walked right up to Mrs. Claus and climbed up in her lap! She was still a little too nervous to actually sit on Santa’s lap, but she had no problem sitting right next to him and telling Mrs. Claus that she wanted a “castle doll house” for Christmas. I heard her add, “I saw it in my girl magazine.” I’m sure Mrs. Claus may have been a bit confused by that, but that’s what she calls the Target holiday toy sale flyer we got in the mail. When it arrived, Andrea went through and circled about half the toys in it.

Here’s her picture this year with Santa & Mrs. Claus:
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Other than her “princess doll house”, the other things she’s talked about most are a Disney Princess scooter (that I told her will have to wait until she’s older) and “the girl with only one sleeve”, which turned out to be the 2011 Holiday Barbie. Notice the resemblance from Andrea’s picture on her Christmas list, and the picture from the Target sale paper. She even remembered which sleeve to draw!

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Christmas Artwork!

How has it been a week since I last updated the blog??? Oops. We’ve obviously been busy. I still haven’t had a chance to finish going through all the pictures from our trip, so those updates will have to wait, but I did have some of Andrea’s artwork that I wanted to show off… At this point, she’s about as good at drawing as I’ve ever been. LOL!

We got out the tempera paint a couple of times last week, and both times she wanted to paint Rudolph. The first one was in rainbow colors (she loves coloring/painting things in rainbow colors), but the second time she did it in brown and red, just like Rudolph. I was so impressed! πŸ™‚

She’s also gotten really good at coloring/painting inside the lines, and has been doing that at every opportunity, so I offered to draw something for her to fill in with paint. She requested a Christmas tree (notice the rainbow colors she used):

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Slow Week, but a Fun Friday

I haven’t posted anything this week, because we’ve been homebodies this week… partially just recovering from all the Halloween activities, but also I think Andrea has had a slight cold maybe? She doesn’t seem all that sick, but she’s been extra tired and cranky this week, and she had somewhat of a rough week at school too, and has napped several days this week. We’ve also had contractors at the house tiling our powder bath and upgrading the sink and doing a few other small repair projects around the house, so we’ve had some distractions around here as well. So, to make up for a somewhat boring week, we had some fun today at home.

We started the fun off with some painting. She’s a super serious painter as you can see.

Then she decided she was done painting, and she got down and found a tape measure I had out, and started measuring everything she could find. She measured all kinds of random objects in our house, then some Halloween candy, and then measured herself. Β And, in an unusual turn of events, she actually asked me to take pictures of her showing off her measuring skills! She posed for the picture below and just kept repeating, “Take a picture of me like this, Mommy! Take a picture of me like this!” So what’s a mom to do, but start snapping away of course!

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Pumpkin Painting!

Andrea has been really excited about Halloween this year, and everything about it. We’ve done a ton of Halloween themed crafts, several of which I’ve already posted. And a couple of weekends ago, we went to a Pumpkin Patch with her Daddy and Opa. But we only bought a few miniature pumpkins at the pumpkin patch we went to first, because our church does a big pumpkin sale fundraiser every year, and we knew we wanted to buy our pumpkins from there. So last weekend, we went up to the church and picked out some pumpkins. Andrea wanted to get every small pumpkins she laid her eyes on, but we kept her to 6 or so (at ~$1 / pumpkin, I didn’t mind buying several). But what to do with all these little pumpkins? Andrea had been begging all week to paint them, so finally the other day, I put a smock on her, got out the tempera paints, and let her go to town. The results were pretty cute.

I’ve also been working on finalizing our costumes for Halloween. Andrea is going as Cinderella. She already has the dress and I got her some “glass slippers” from the Disney Store, but she wants a blue headband like Cinderella wears in the movie, and I’m working on how I’m going to put her hair in an up-do like Cinderella’s. I’m going as the Fairy Godmother, and bought a light blue choir robe to wear, and then even used the sewing machine (gasp!) to make a hood and big pink bow for my outfit. Pictures of that will come later. But suffice it to say, Andrea is ridiculously excited about it. Her preschool already went trick-or-treating at the senior center across from their school this week, and she brought home a TON of candy from there. For that, they just used eyeliner or something similar to draw a cat nose and whiskers on her face. She looked adorable when I picked her up. πŸ™‚ Anyway, on to the pumpkin pictures…

Posing with the pumpkins
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Arts & Crafts Round-up, aka Why I Love Pinterest

Thanks to Pinterest we’ve been doing a ton of art projects lately, so I wanted to share some of Andrea’s latest artwork. If you’ve never really understood what Pinterest is all about, you will after reading this. (It took me a while after signing up before I ever started using it, so I understand it doesn’t always “click” at first.) And if you need an invite to Pinterest, let me know and I’ll send you one.

Since it’s October, we’ve been doing a ton of fall and Halloween themed art. Pinterest has had so many great ideas for me to use. I actually like to pin a bunch of stuff, then let Andrea pick what she wants to do by looking at the site.

She’s been really obsessed with fall leaves, so I knew she’d like this project. She colored in the the tree trunks and grass, then cut out all the paper for the glued-on leaves while I hole punched all the “falling” leaves. She glued her leaves on with a glue stick while I filled the ziploc baggie with my hole punched leaves, and then I taped the baggie between the trees page and a sheet of blue cardstock when she was done. I think it turned out pretty well and she loves it.

This is a fall tree with leaves painted on with Q-tips (inspired by this), and a pumpkin that Andrea drew free-hand and then filled in with watercolor paint. It has a huge smiley face, because, well, everything she draws/paints has a huge smiley face on it. πŸ™‚
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